6月17日:OHAナイト in 加古川

  18日:OHANAカフェ in 淡路島









It was a real pleasure to meet you at the recent healing event in Tokyo.



I am so happy that you enjoyed receiving a sample of my treatment! 



But I want to know more about you.



Are you Happy?



Are you Healthy?



When a writer from Ans 25 magazine wanted to interview me at my spa on the Big Island of Hawaii I suggested that she first experience one of my special 90 Lomi-Lomi massages then write about her experience. She agreed! 



The writer said she felt so much Love, so much heat, so much energy coming from me during the massage that she later wrote in her magazine that I was the “Godfather of Lomi-Lomi.”



I would Love to work with you again and allow you to feel the amazing amount of power, peace, and pleasure you can have during one of my special 90 minute Lomi-Lomi massages.



I will be back in the Tokyo area from the 20th to the 29th of September. We are taking appointments now but my schedule fills up fast, so please schedule your massage right away.



We are also offering a dry Lomi-Lomi beginners 4 hour workshop for anyone who would like to learn how to give to others the type of treatment you got from me at the healing event. In addition we are offering an 8 hour

professional dry Lomi-Lomi course for massage therapist who would like to offer this valuable service to their clients.




If you have the time it would be wonderful for you to come to Hawaii where we use Hawaiian ancient wisdom (Huna) and the power of meditation, and yoga in Nature to educate, inspire, and train you to be more powerful with peace and pleasure. We will visit some of the most beautiful power spots on the planet and afterward you can experience one of my special 90 minute Lomi-Lomi massages at our retreat and healing center. As a result you will be happier and healthier!





To schedule your massage or your place in one of our workshops in September in Japan or later in Hawaii contact Kei at 3 peace.

来月のワークショップやマッサージ、またハワイのご予約は、日本の代理店3ぴーす けいのメールアドレスにお願い致します。



Again , it was a real pleasure to meet you. I Hope to see you again soon!




Thomas Camenzind